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Spiritual Section

Prayer Meeting - Charismatic Renewal Jesus

Every Wednesday 8 p.m. in Parish Hall





Members of Charismatic Renewal come together in Prayer Groups. They are people seeking a closer relationship with Jesus and His Church. They gather weekly

  • to praise God in song and prayer
  • to listen to teaching on our Catholic faith
  • to read sacred scripture
  • to witness to the work of Our Lord in their lives

They also pray that the Charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit may be made manifest among them.

All my life I have been enriched and enthralled by the healing stories both in the New Testament and throughout all the ages of the Church. These include episodes from the many and varied ways that Jesus healed as we find in the gospels, and stories from the early Church of how people were put into the path of Peter to be healed, or the more modern accounts of cures at such shrines as Lourdes.

However, it was only when I myself  was healed of severe sinus trouble at a prayer meeting through the prayers and the laying on of hands by my brothers and sisters that I began to realise the gift of healing was not just reserved for saints, but that the Jesus through the faith of the Church can and does use many people in healing.

Why not come along and join us this Wednesday?


Click on the play button below to listen to some of our music


praying hands"I was brought up in a loving, caring family home, but was afraid of everybody and everything. I was afraid of God, a God of fire and brimstone. So I tried to be an angel and not do anything wrong, involved in church things, the choir, Legion of Mary, etc. When I went to work I made friends and we went dancing, to discos, to pubs, where I was introduced to this magic stuff called alcohol.
That first drink set me free from my fear and insecurities. I felt part of the crowd. I could mix with others. Little did I know when I took that first drink, the effect it was to have on my life.
In time I got married and had two lovely daughters, but, because we both needed drink, my husband became an alcoholic and our life was a living hell. So after 10 years we were divorced. This is when drink took over my life completely.
I no longer went to church, I felt unworthy, with guilt and shame. Looking back I see that although I felt God could no longer love me or want to know me, He was present and His hand was in my life.
About 3 years ago I was introduced to a group of friends called Alcoholics Anonymous. They were to change my life and put me back on the path to God. Since then I know God is directing my life. I am now back at church, attending A.A. meetings and I joined a charismatic Prayer Meeting. I feel as if I was guided to the Prayer Group. Going along each week has strengthened my faith and I have a better understanding of how God has and is still changing my life to help others.
I thank God for A.A. and the Prayer Meeting. "



praying hands"My son was attacked while on business in Paris. He was brought home blinded, badly bruised and traumatised.
We were angry and looking for revenge, but as I prayed thanking the Lord that at least my son was alive, I realised that I had to pray for the young men who attacked him and forgive them. The Lord just turned everything around.
Having shared with the family what I had done, their attitude changed and my son made a full recovery.
I just praise and thank the Lord and I pray every day for those young men. "



ISAIAH 51:14: "The captive is soon to be set free; he will not die in a deep dungeon nor will his bread run out"

Dove"I have been earning money since I was 8 years old. I was taught then that I had to give in some to my mother and save half of what was left over. Although this taught me how to manage money, it also brought me a sense of fear, that money was something to cling on to. By the time I got married my fear of running out of money got even greater, when I realised my husband and I were reliant solely on each other.
When I came to Charismatic Renewal, it became clearer to me that God was a father looking after me in every sense. The reading from Isaiah was given to me and I saw it as my father's promise to me and I believed it (gradually) as God never goes back on a promise!
Since then times have been good and bad, but my bread has never run out and I trust it never will. Instead God has been very generous to me and mine, for which I really thank him.
His promise is not just for me, but for anyone who asks."




















Saint Mary's Catholic Church, 14 Patrick Street, Greenock, PA16 8NA, Scotland. UK